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Yarn Wrapped Christmas Shape Decorations

I love crafting, no secrets there, but what I love more than crafting alone is crafting with a group of friends, or children.  Kids have some of the most creative minds and whilst their hands might not always do what they want them to, with a little assistance, they can make the most treasured items. If that wasn’t enough, it’s all about the fun, you’re not only making something crafty, you’re making memories. 

These yarn wrapped Christmas shape decorations are sturdy enough for even the most clumsy of hands to create and with an adult on hand to do some of the more fiddly bits, your tree will be awash with festive baubles before you know it.



Before I launch off into the list of materials you need and the tutorial.  I wanted to chat a little about my inspiration.

I’m sure my house isn’t the only one that adopts a pile of cardboard boxes at this time of year?

Whilst they’re very low maintenance and require no food, water or exercise, it does always seem a little sad to just toss them out in the New Year with the turkey carcass.

The humble box can be used for so much more – fort building, play houses, fancy dress costumes, decorations and of course, storage.  If you’ve a little space to keep some, I heartily recommend saving a couple, you never know quite when you might need them o make a robots head, or rescue a baby bird, that’s fallen from it’s nest.



To make the cardboard shapes you will need:-

  • Cardboard boxes, big scissors or a craft knife and strong hands.

To decorate them you’re going to need:-

  • Sticky tape
  • Yarn or string in any weight, colour or texture
  • A pair of scissors

To finish the decoration you’re going to need:-

  • A darning/embroidery needle

1♥  Select which bits of the cardboard box to use and make the pieces more manageable by laying them flat.

2♥ Draw your Christmas shapes on to the card; you can either draw them freehand, trace around cookie cutters, or download our templates.

Download Christmas Decorations Template Here


3♥  Decide which side of your cardboard shape will be the back and attach the end of the yarn to it using a small piece of sticky tape.

4♥  Using your yarn, wrap the shape backwards and forwards, in all different directions.  

If it’s easier, you can always use more sticky tape on the back to help secure the yarn as you go.


5♥  Once you’re satisfied with the number of wraps on your cardboard shape, knot the yarn to itself on the reverse.

This is a little on the fiddly side, so you could always stick it down with some more tape or with a little dab of strong or hot glue.

6♥  If your little people are finding it difficult to stop the yarn from slipping and coming loose, you can always cut little notches around the outside of the shape for the yarn to slip into. The shapes still look good and it can be a lot less stressful for you and your little crafters.


7♥  Using a needle to help you, thread a piece of yarn through the shape (toward the centre at the top) and knot.


Why not make a whole box of different shapes to give to a loved one?