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Washi tape breakfast tray


I love washi tape. Despite having collected quite a few rolls though, I haven’t yet made anything with them…until now.

The good people at Search Press recently sent us on a book called Washi Tape Crafts: 110 ways to decorate just about anything by Amy Anderson (who is also the author of Mod Podge Rocks). Flicking through the book I was completely entranced; there is so much you can do with washi tape. I came across a nice little upcycling project that inspired me to transform a ‘breakfast tray’ that my husband uses to bring me tea and toast in bed on the weekends (he’s a keeper!).

washi tape tray what you need

Our breakfast tray is plain as plain can get. It could absolutely benefit from a lick of pain and some washi tape. I picked up a small jar of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a lovely shade of vintage pink called Henrietta. (This little jar of paint cost EUR9 and has enough to paint a single chair or other small piece of furniture.)

Then I dug through my washi tape collection to find two complementary coloured/patterned tapes. I went with a bright orange tape with pale pink hearts and an aqua tape with multi-coloured raindrops.

After washing the tray with sugar soap I painted two coats of the chalk paint on top. I then measured the tray to get the centre point and marked it lightly with a pencil (to be rubbed out at the end of the project).

Using the book as a guide I created my first diamond with the orange tape. Where the tape overlaps at the angles I used a scalpel to trim the excess tape. This leaves a nice neat edge. I then lined up the aqua tape to create a second diamond and repeated that again with the orange tape for a third diamond. (Don’t look too closely at my diamonds. They are most definitely not straight!).

I then added two parallel lines of the aqua tape leading from the diamond to the edge of the tray, and repeated this on the other side.

I rubbed off the pencil marks and touched up the pink paint a little where it had scuffed a bit. I then rubbed the entire surface with Annie Sloane Soft Clear Wax. This makes sure the surface is protected and waterproof (so important for those weekend cups of tea!).

breakfast tray and toby

I’m delighted with the tray. The whole project took no time at all and the tray is completely transformed (Toby seems to like it too!)

Have you every used washi tape or chalk paint? We’d love to hear about your projects!