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The Messy Bun hat

It’s always interesting to watch knitting and crochet trends. To see what people are making and talking about making. One such trend that caught our eyes recently is the ‘messy bun hat’.

It’s a simple concept really. The messy bun hat is really an unfinished hat, with the top left open so the wearer can stick their messy bun (or ponytail) out. The hat does exactly the same job as any other hat; keeps your head warm (and your ears). But it eliminates that bulge or bump in a hat if you’re wearing your hair up. It basically frees the bun!

While Lora has cropped tight hair and no need whatsoever for a messy bun hat, my hair is long and thick (so thick). This means that I always wear my hair down when I’m wearing hats. So the idea of a messy bun hat really appeals to me.

So, I had a quick look through Ravelry to see some messy bun hat designs. Here are four designs that caught my eye and made it onto my Favourites list.

Quick and Textured Bun Hat by Megan Shaimes

Holey Hat by SplitStitch Design looks a quick simple knit. Knit in chunky (or bulky) yarn with a simple beanie design (minus the top), I’d imagine it will knit up in next to no time.

It’s All About the Messy Bun by June Nemeth is a crochet design knit in worsted weight. It looks easy enough that even my basic crochet skills could tackle it.

Holey Hat by SplitStitch Design
It's All About the Messy Bun by June Nemeth

Messy Bun Hat II by Isela Phelps is a cute hat with a simple but effective pattern. It’s knit in bulky and looks great in the grey yarn the designer has chosen. I can also imagine it in a bright pink (but then I would, wouldn’t I!).

Quick and Textured Bun Hat by Megan Shaimes is a quirky design that looks great. It’s crochet, and perhaps slightly more advanced (for me anyway) but I wouldn’t mind giving it a go.

Messy Bun Hat II by Isela Phelps

All of these designs are free, which is a bonus. They’d make a great gift idea for anyone you know who wants to free their bun or ponytail!

What do you think of the messy bun hat trend? What designs would you like to see that tackle a common problem?


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