The First Olann and Yarn Crawl

We’re pretty sure our first Olann and Yarn Crawl went well, all who came certainly enjoyed themselves.  There were originally meant to be 12 of us, but we lost two knitterly friends to the Winter vomiting bug, so we were down to 10 on the day.

Did you see our Mother Fika Bags?

Deirdre had picked up a great book called Lost in Translation, when she was in Brighton earlier this year. The book, by Ella Frances Sanders, is An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World and would make a great gift for anyone fascinated by language.

Deirdre brought the book with her to knitting group the week after and I took a photo of the word Fika and its meaning because it completely suited our group.

We knew we wanted to get some canvas bags printed for our yarn crawl, but were a little stumped as to what we could put on them. Then I remembered Fika – good, but not quite right…..  Deirdre came up with Mother Fika (of course she did, she’s got such a potty mouth right).  I drew a quick sketch for the bag adding a ball of wool, an Olann and Yarn Crawl border and the meaning of Fika (just in case anyone thought we were being incredibly rude). Glen, Deirdre’s hubby who just happens to be a graphic designer, then whipped up the graphic, so it could be printed and we sent it off to a very nice friend of my hubby’s in the UK. Karl’s company Paragon Workwear, rushed our bags through and they arrived just in time for Saturday’s yarn crawl.

We’d planned the day’s itinerary out and all things ran pretty much to plan.

7.30am – We met the coach in the Midleton Park Hotel car park.  The bus was from Butlers and was one of the most salubrious I’ve ever been on. We definitely rode in style.

10am Pitt stop, at the Cashel Services for tea and a comfort break (a comfort break? That’s the polite term for what we all know is really a wee, I mean we’re all adults here aren’t we?). Whilst everyone else was busy, Deirdre and I laid out our Mother Fika bags face down on the tables in front of everyone’s chair.  No one was allowed to peek until we set off again.  In the bags we’d also popped some stitch markers and a postcard.

11am (ish) – We arrived at Winnie’s Wool Wagon. You’d think we’d all been yarn starved, myself included. There was a 25% off sale on all Drops Yarns containing Alpaca and I think quite a few of the group’s purchases probably included said items. Marina and her staff couldn’t have been more helpful.

12pm – We all sat down at a table in the middle of the shop and refuelled on yummy soup, sandwiches and paninis before getting back on the bus at 1.30pm to head into the city.  On the bus, we handed out a goody bag given to each of us by Marina, which contained a Debbie Bliss Magazine, Drops Magazine and a set of handy stitch holders.


1.50pm – We arrived at This is Knit and all 10 of us squeezed ourselves into this city centre shop. Lots more goodies were purchased. I’m not completely sure what was bought; I picked up Knitpro tips and cables and I remember seeing purchases of Malabrigo Rios, Townhouse Yarns and ChiaoGoo Interchangeables. Lots of our ladies were admiring a two-colour cowl Lisa had designed; she’s promised to let us know when she’s written up the pattern and we’ll be sure to pass it on.

3pm – Back on the bus, to our last stop of the day, The Constant Knitter to catch up with Rosemary and Laura.  The shop was a haven of tranquillity as we’d managed to miss the crowds from a little earlier.  There were lots more purchases (of course). I procured a jumper’s worth of Soft Donegal in a green for a new jumper and I saw purchases of Zauberballs, Ellie and Ada Yarns, Rial Filati and several pairs of Hiya Hiya Sharps.  Rosemary had laid on some much needed tea and biscuits for us upstairs and it was lovely to sit down and catch up with her and find out more about her Christmas Pop-up-Shop, which took place on 17th and 18th of December.

5pm – Time to say our farewells and head back to Midleton, stopping briefly for a… well you know by now. We were back a little after 8pm, tired, shopped out and ready to go home.

Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, this will be the first of many a yarn crawl.



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