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My Handmade Wedding Part 1


We recently received a copy of a fantastic new book: My Handmade Wedding by Marrianne Mercer.  Marianne is a graphic designer working for well-known craft publishing house, Search Press.

Knowing she wanted a personal and heart-felt wedding celebration, Marrianne decided to create her own DIY wedding. Having sourced a venue and devised a plan, she set about making the perfect day with the help of friends and family.

My Handmade Wedding includes everything you need to know, from planning your wedding and choosing a theme to the ceremony and the reception.  There’s even a few crafty ideas for things to do after the honeymoon.

Weddings can be expensive and a handmade wedding can be a great way for budget-savvy brides and grooms to make more frugal choices.  The book provides money saving tips, with practical, friendly advice on how to plan your big day.

If the idea of creating a completely handmade wedding seems a little daunting, why not just choose a few handmade highlights. Creating even a handful of the 20 projects in the book will help to personalise your day.

2016-03-08 12.10.17
While it’s lovely to flip through the pages of a craft book, we’re all about the ‘making’ here at Olann and. So, armed with florist wire, tape and crepe paper, Lora set to work trying out one of the projects from Marrianne Mercer’s A Handmade Wedding.
Here’s how she got on.
2016-02-18 11.50.30
Make Your Own Gerbera project
The instructions are laid out clearly, with close up photographs for each step. The template at the back of the book means the flowers have a uniformity about them. After a couple of ‘less than perfect attempts’, I got into the swing of things and managed to get fairly quick at making an individual flower.
2016-02-18 11.51.27

The results, we think, aren’t too shabby.

A few things to note:

Unfortunately, at times it can be a little difficult sourcing specific craft supplies here in Ireland, so you may have to shop around.

I’d never used florist tape before and I was convinced I’d bought a faulty reel as there is no obvious sticky side (like with Cellotape). However, after several curses and a Google search, I discovered that the ‘sticky’ element of the tape is achieved by pressure. As you wrap the tape around the stem and itself, you pinch the layers, which results in a ‘stick’.

In step one – if you roll the ball of stuffing really tightly, there’s less chance of the wire stem piercing the stuffed centre of your flower.

2016-02-18 11.50.04

On a side note, we passed the book around to the ladies at our knitting group to get their feedback and to see which of the projects appealed most to them.

All agreed the day looked marvellous and the projects that appealed to them the most were the Paper Flowers and the Pom-poms (see My Handmade Wedding Part 2 for more photos). The beauty about these particular projects is their simplicity; even the less experience crafters would have no problem whipping them up.

General consensus among the group was that many of the projects could easily be used for other occasions like birthdays and communions. Many of us also think some of the projects would be great to do with children, particularly on a rainy day.

Join us for My Handmade Wedding Part 2, when we’ll be bringing you an interview with the author. Marrianne tells us about her concept for the book, her favourite project and gives us a few more tips and tricks to bear in mind for your big day.

My Handmade Wedding is published by Search Press and costs £12.99.  The ISBN number for ordering is 9781782211587