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Little Lilly Moss Hat



Happy St Patrick’s Day!

For many of us living here in Ireland, today will be spent watching the St. Patrick’s Day procession in our local town.  Maybe we’re taking part, maybe it’s our kids, grandchildren, or nephews and nieces that are involved.  Either way, it’s a given, that the children (at least) will be bedecked in green, shamrocks and more green.  Much of the traditional St. Patrick’s day garb is usually anything but cosy, and it’s March people.  Even if the sun is shining (it is here in Waterford), it’s still quite chilly out there.

Which got me to thinking….

Something green, woolly and cosy.  Ideally not so lurid that it wouldn’t want to be ever worn again, but quick to knit just in case it resides in the bottom of the drawer until next year.


The Lilly Moss Hat, is a smaller version of my Toasty & Textured Hat,  that I can often be found sporting.  Lilly, the beautiful little model, named this version for me and agreed to model it too (didn’t she do a great job?).

It’s a quick knit, honest. I whipped it up at knitting group last night, although I did have help with the pom-pom and sewing up, but that’s because I arrived late.  So about two hours should do it.

I’ll write up the pattern properly and add it to Ravelry, but in the meantime if you want to get your needles out, the instructions are as follows.



Adriafil New Zealand Yarn or other similar yarn (aran, worsted, or slightly chunkier than a standard chunky weight yarn)
7mm Needles
Darning Needle
Pom-pom maker or cardboard



Using thumb method and yarn held double cast on 41 stitches.

Row 1) RS – K2, p2 to last 3 stitches, k2, p1
Row 2) – Knit first stitch, p2, k2 to last 2 stitches, p2.

These 2 rows produce the 2×2 rib band. Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have worked 6 rows in total.

Moss Stitch

Row 1) RS – K1, P1 to last st, k1 Repeat row 1 until work measure 9.5 inches from end finishing with a wrong side row.

Row 1) RS – K2tog to last st, k1. (21sts)
Row 2) P2tog to end of row (11sts)

Sewing Up
Leaving a long tail cut yarn and draw through remaining 13 stitches.


I knitted the band and 2 rows of the moss stitch in shade 25, then worked 6 rows in shade 27, before switching back to the darker green.

(the eagle eyed among you will notice I made my colour change on the wrong side!)

The super giant pom-pom is 2.5″ big.

The finished hat measures 17.5cm in width by 19.5cm in height without the pompom and weighs 56g.

Enjoy the celebrations and happy making.