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Kits, Tools and Quirky Bits

We’re sure the majority of you, like us, are a little obsessed with looking out for interesting crafty bits and bobs?  There’s no shortage of places to find them either, with Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy being our current favourites.

We’re always on the hunt for more items to include in this feature, so if you know of something you think we’d be interested in, please get in touch.


RicRacRoom – Project Bags

We first heard about RicRacRoom Project Bags from Tracey on the Thimble and Thread Makes Podcast. Tracey and Mellie had a project bag swap and we were so taken with the bag Mellie had sent Tracey, that we went off to investigate.

Mellie, the maker behind RicRacRoom, lives in Nottingham in the UK and has been making project bags for a little while now. Mellie is a keen knitter and understands that a hank of lovely hand-dyed yarn can often leave us with only a small budget for a bag to keep our projects in.

Using good quality fabrics and notions, sourced carefully from a range of places, Mellie aims to make reasonably priced project bags.  Having sewn for a number of years, her experience means she is able to keep her labour costs to a minimum.

Mellie is fond of retro prints, but produces a range of bags in different sizes and styles. Each bag is a little different, even if the same material has been used. Mellie is happy to ship worldwide and every bag arrives with it’s own little lavender bag and stitch marker.

The bag we’ve featured is a zipped project bag, made with a 100% cotton canvas exterior and natural cotton lining. It’s a sturdy bag, with a polyester lining, handle and tassle zip pull.  The bag dimensions are as follows: width 32 cm (12.5 inches), height 22 cm (8.5 inches) and depth 8.5 cm (3.25 inches).  This size bag costs £8.00 plus shipping and will easily hold 3 – 4 100g hanks of yarn.

You can find RicRacRoom on Etsy

Little Brown Workshop – Wooden Peg People

We’ve known we wanted to make peg dolls for this issue for quite some time now, and our search for supplies led us to discover Little Brown Workshop, whose range of peg doll supplies is incredible. We never knew there were so many different shapes and sizes available.

Fans of wooden children’s toys or the Steiner education philosophy will no doubt be familiar with peg dolls.  These wooden blanks can be decorated very simply with paint or coloured pencil, or in more detail with fabric and embroidery, and used for play, decoration or as a beautiful one of a kind gift.


The range of peg doll blanks sold by Little Brown Workshop includes packs of traditional, clothes pin dolly pegs, wooden peg girls, boys and whole family groups.  You can purchase them as is, or with little wooden bases to ensure they don’t topple over; there are also peg dolls with hooks attached to their heads for hanging (ouch).  Prices begin at £2.75 on the Little Brown Workshop website and there are discounts available for wholesale purchases too.

As well as selling folk art and peg doll supplies, Susan, the lovely lady behind Little Brown Workshop also specialises in creating handmade personalised gifts and peg dolls. We had great fun looking at all the wedding couples and families she’s created. Be sure to have a look at some of her wonderful creations on Facebook and Instagram

Rag Art Studios – Festive Wreath Kit

We’d spotted Rag Art Studios Festive Wreath Kits in Wonderwool earlier in the year and have been patiently waiting for the festive season to come around so we could share then with you.

Almost everything you need to create your wreath is included with the kit.  You’ve, the prodder, hessian backing material and copper wire frame, however you will need to supply the material you use for the wreath.  We’re sure you’ll have a couple of old pillowcases or t-shirts you can cut up?


The Rag Art Studios website includes some useful information on preparing your fabric strips and using colour. While you may find yourself pressed for time to make your wreath so soon to Christmas this year, there’s no better time to get ahead for Christmas 2017.  Now if only we’d take a little of our own advice.

The Festive Wreath Kits cost £15 plus shipping costs and are available, along with anything and everything you’ll ever need to create your own rag rugs, from the Rag Art Studios Webshop. You’ll also be able to pick them up in person at one of the shows they will be attending in 2017.  If you pop over to their Facebook Page you can see photographs of some of the different wreaths they’ve made.


Korutumi – Stitch Markers

Husband and wife team Myles and Beth are the creative people behind Korutumi.  Living on the North Cornwall Coast, Myles takes care of the technical side of the business, leaving Beth to let her creativity flow.

Beth creates unique, colourful crochet and knitting supplies, using Polymer Clay and Precious Metal Clay. The Korutumi range includes ergonomic crochet hooks and knitting needles adorned with unicorns and woodland characters, all with matching stitch markers. There is also a range of storage tins and pots to keep all your projects and supplies organised.

We spotted the Korutumi stitch markers and knew you’d love them as much as we do. Beth’s designs are just too cute, her mini works of art are adorable.  Each marker has a clasp on it which means it can be used as a stitch marker or progress keeper for both crochet and knitting.

Korutumi stitch markers are available to purchase from the couple’s Etsy Shop singularly or in sets, with prices starting from plus shipping.

Find out more about Korotumi products on their website and Beth also runs a Crochet/Knit and Natter group, details of which can be found on the Korutumi Facebook Page.

Design Works Crafts Inc - Zenbroidery

We all know how popular the craze for adult colouring books has become. Associated with mindfulness, colouring has become an art form. By having a pattern/shape already printed out for you, you’re able to use the colours and patterns you want to on the day. Zenbroidery takes this creativeness one step further, to produce a piece of stitched fabric that you can turn into something else if you desire.


Zenbroidery are outlines of pictures printed onto fabric, just like you’d find in a colouring book, for you to fill in, using any stitches you wish in any colour thread of your choosing.  There are no colour charts to follow; you’re encouraged to make intuitive choices and effectively ‘doodle’ with your thread.

To help you get started Design Works Crafts has recorded several videos which you can find here on their website.  As well as this there are also video tutorials available for many of the more popular embroidery stitches. Each video demonstrates how to work the stitch on plain canvas first, before showing you how to apply it to your Zenbroidery picture.

There are lots of different Zenbroidery designs to choose from with which to create your own zen masterpiece, including several festive designs.  As you choose your stitches and colours each design will become completely unique to you.  Zenbroidery also sell a range of products Thread & Trim Packs to be used in conjunction with their templates.

Merchant and Mills – 5” Laundry Pin

We’ve gushed about Merchant and Mills before in a previous issue, but with the season that’s in it and as they make so many little lovelies, we thought it would be ok to bring you another great product.

Made from nickel plated brass, the matt heavy duty laundry pin is suitable for a multitude of applications. You could wear it as a shawl pin, although it’s probably a little too heavy for shawls made with lightweight yarn.  Use it on your chunkier knits and it will draw loads of attention.


The pins can also be used for keeping track of your swatches, notes, or for keeping things neat and tidy. We like to keep our stitch markers to hand on ours.

The tip of the pin is blunt, so if you do decide to use it on one of your lovingly made shawls or garments, it shouldn’t damage them.

You can purchase the pins from the Merchant and Mills website or one of their retail stockists.

KnitPro Royale Interchangeable Circular Needle Set

This KnitPro Royale Interchangeable Circular Needle Set contains eight pairs of needles in sizes ranging from 3.5mm up to 8mm. The needles are made from birch wood and have metal tips, which makes them nice and smooth to work with. The set also comes with four cables: 60cm/24”, 100cm/40” and two 80cm/32” cables, eight end caps, four cable keys and one set of cable connectors.


The wooden needles are all in different colours – aquamarine, fuschia fan, grey onyx, cherry blossom, misty green, candy pink, burgundy rose and royale blue – which is handy to easily identify the pairs. The cables, which come in fluorescent colours, lie flat so they don’t tend to twist or kink like some other circular needles we’ve worked with. The join between the cable and the needles itself is pretty seamless, this means the stitches move over the join easily enough.

The needles have a lovely smooth feel to them, which makes them a pleasure to knit with and the set comes in a lovely pink fabric case that’s been embroidered with a Paris theme: to be honest, KnitPro had us with the case!