Hello Ravelry

As the Publication date for the third issue of Olann and draws close, we need to expand the ways we can all interact with each other and that means creating a Ravelry Group ūüôā

(omg, sooo exciting)

If we’re being completely honest, neither of us knew if the magazine was going to work. ¬†Having had a yarn shop in Ireland for 10 years, I always felt and Irish Fibre Magazine was missing. ¬†There’s a lack of support within the industry here, many of Irelands ‘big names’ in the fibre world are more well known internationally, than here. ¬† ¬†Most importantly, there was no way to share the fantastic things happening and without that, some of the innovative and crazy ideas people have, are doomed to fail.

If you look across the water at the UK, British Wool and design is championed and the tide is turning, with makers becoming more interested in where their yarn comes from. ¬†There’s also a shift in¬†how we look at our hobbies, no longer are we monogamous, we’re less likely to be just knitters, or just weavers. ¬†The internet has made it much easier to ‘try’ different crafts and many of us actually have to many. ¬†Look at me, I could literally eat crafts, being completely transparent I’m obsessed.

Lastly, I had the good fortune to meet people everyday, that had a fantastic set of skills and knowledge and were only too happy to share them with other people.  Their love of crafts is infectious and their experience needs to be bottled.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that if no one else was going to start a magazine, then I’d just have to do it.


Having decided to close the shop, I still wasn’t sure I was up to the task. ¬†I blog almost every week and I can talk the hind legs of a donkey, when it comes to wool, but a magazine is a different kid of animal. ¬†So I decided to approach my good friend and knitting companion Deirdre. ¬†My opening gambit began something along the lines of “So I was thinking…..”

Thankfully, Deirdre was as excited as me about the idea and thankfully agreed to partner up. ¬†The amount of work involved in getting Olann and out there is more than I initially thought, but we’re both ‚ô•loving‚ô• it. ¬†Getting companies and people to understand our vision prior to issue 1 was a bit of a struggle, but as soon as it was released they began to knock on our doors. ¬†It’s been a steep learning curve and we’re going to get things wrong and make mistakes but that’s fine, we’ll put our hands up and confess and hopefully, you’ll understand?

We’re averaging over 10,000 page impressions a month at the moment and that’s without any targeted advertising. ¬†Actually, our first advert is due out in the Edinburgh Yarn Festival Show Magazine later this month.

We’re extremely grateful to everyone that’s helped and supported us so far, our family and friends, Jennifer and Caroline who write their columns, the designers and all the other people that we meet and who’ve helped us so far.

We have great plans for Olann and, we’re constantly coming up with new ideas and having ‘what about’ conversations. ¬†Issue 3 will include a couple of firsts and we’re so excited, it’s supposed to be a secret, but I can tell you if you promise to keep it under your hat?

We’re going to have our first Knitalong (runs around the house screaming). ssshh!

So, come along and join us on our Ravelry Board, introduce yourself, tell us what you loved most in Issues 1 and 2.  Tell us your news, flash your stash and most importantly, share your projects.

HelloGorgeous Ireland

We’re also going to have a ¬†‘Hello Gorgeous Ireland’ ¬†Ravelry Giveaway come along and tell us what you think is gorgeous about Ireland. ¬†We’ll use random number generator to pick a winner in a fortnight (Sunday 13th March). ¬†Check out the thread for a list of prizes.

If this works, I might even get my way and finally persuade Deirdre that we have to start a podcast. ¬†Those of you that know me, will understand there could be a need for a Parental Advisory sticker on it ūüėČ