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Dotty Sheep Mugs

Do you recognise the sheep design?  It was on the mugs our lovely friends Sadie and Lee Ann were drinking out of, when they modelled for us in issue 3.

Several of you contacted us and asked where we bought the mugs and we really should have let you know before now (sorry).

The mugs are from the Ulster Weaver Dotty Sheep Range (Dotty sheep’s in my head).  The design was developed by the Ulster Weavers’ in-house designers.  I love their use of the simple silhouetted shapes for the sheep with their graphic pattern coats.  The simple palette of black and white with a little grey, over the much brighter mustard yellow, creates a striking design, although anything with sheep is a winner for me.

Did you spot the ram, totally outnumbered by all those ladies, isn’t he the lucky boy 😉

Olann and Dottie Sheep

Ever on the look out for an excuse to eat cake and drink tea, we thought it would be fun to sit some of my family down and force feed them Cappuccino cake and tea – torture.

I’m fussy when it comes to my drinking receptacles, are you?  There are certain things about the container I prefer where possible. The tea is important too, but that’s a whole different conversation.

  • They have to hold a good amount of tea.  You don’t want something so small, that you find yourself proffering your cup in an Oliver Twist reenactment and asking for more.  At the same time your cup can’t be so big that you daren’t travel too far, through fear of where the next toilet will be.
  • The handle is important, you have to be able to hold it firmly in your fingers. While it might look rather dainty to hold one’s cup in one’s hand with one’s pinky slightly raised, it’s not for me.  My arthritis has affected my hands badly enough and I really don’t wish to cause any further damage if I can help it.
  • Having specified my criteria, it should be noted that I will pretty much drink tea out of anything, including a wellie if that was all there was. Although I do prefer to hold something beautiful in my hand that makes me smile, if possible.

Olann and Dottie sheep

The Ulster Weavers cup and saucers are really cute, with a good size handle.  You’ll notice the sheep on the cups are on a white background, with the vibrant mustard on the saucer, which is large enough to tuck a couple of biscuits on.

The bone china mugs hold a generous amount of tea. They’ve straight sides and have proper ‘hand’ sized handles, not those little delicate things you sometimes get.

Olann and Dottie Sheep

The good news is that there’s a whole Dotty Sheep dinner set of goodies available to buy from Ulster Weavers.  You can purchase everything directly from their website, but they could also be available in a gift or homewares shop near you (why not support local if you can).  The range also includes aprons, tea towels and bags, so there’s something for everyone and if sheep aren’t your thing, why not have a look at the other great designs available.


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