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A Creepy Crawly, Creepy Crawly Halloween Wreath

When my two eldest children were little people, they used to love a BBC animation called Spider.  It was one of those short, five minute ‘in between’ shows with music, that younger children love.

The first episode is called A Spider in the Bath and these little creepy crawlies reminded me of the program so much, I had to go and find it on YouTube. If you fancy following me down Nostalgia Lane, you can find it here.

“Spider in the bath, a spider in the bath, a creepy crawly, creepy crawly spider in the bath. I know he’s only there because he wants to have a laugh, with hairy legs and beady eyes he’ll terrify and tantalise”.

This Halloween Spider Web Wreath, is one of the easiest decorations you’ll ever make. If, like me, you’ve nowhere to really hang a wreath (we won’t dwell on the trouble I had photographing it), you can make loads of the friendly, or not so friendly pompom spiders.



The items you’re going to need are as follows:-

Polysterene wreath – mine is 30cm/12″

Yarn – I’ve used basic acrylic

Pipe cleaners – Mine are 15cm/6″

Googly eyes

Pompom maker or cardboard

Strong glue


Yarn needle


1♥  Tie your yarn to the Halloween wreath, keeping the knot to the back.  Wrap your yarn around and around, until all of the polystyrene is covered and tie your end securely.

♦ Honesty Policy Alert ♦ This does take quite a while. To speed things up, you could use acrylic paint to cover the polystyrene.  You could also use thicker yarn, or hold several strands together.  If you plan on wrapping the yarn around to form stripes, be sure to knot each colour, before moving on to the next.


2♥  To make the base (I’m going to call them the struts) for your web, tie 4 individual strands of yarn securely to your wreath, ensuring the knots are at the back of your wreath.

The web looks better if these strands are fairly taught across the middle of the wreath.

(You will have already wrapped your Halloween wreath as in step 1, I just wanted wanted to make sure you could see what I’ve done.)


3♥ You need 5 pipe cleaners to make each spider’s body. Using one of the pipe cleaners, wrap it around the middle of the other 4.

Bend the pipe cleaners to make legs.


4♥ Make your pompom. Keep the length of yarn you use to tie your pompom a little longer than usual and do not cut it.

Tie your pompom to the centre of your pipe cleaner spider’s body. Do not cut the threads.

If you’re using googly eyes, stick them in place now.


5♥ Cut a long length of yarn and tie one end of it around the centre of where all your web struts meet, keeping the knot to the back of the wreath.  I pulled the centre of my web to one side of my Halloween Wreath, for a little bit of artistic licence.

To create the rest of your web, you need to weave the yarn over and under each strut, I found this easier to do with a needle, but it’s not necessary.

If you look closely at the photographs, you’ll notice that I’ve taken the yarn over the top of the strut and then under, with the needle coming out closer to the centre rather than the outside – this seems to work better.

6♥ Continue weaving your yarn around each of the struts until you are satisfied with the size of your web. Weave the end of your yarn into the back of your wrapped Halloween wreath securely.


7♥ Tie your spider(s) to your Halloween wreath and adjust their legs to create full-on creepy crawly.

8♥ You’re going to need to create way to hang your Halloween Wreath.  I’ve crocheted a little chain, which I knotted to the back of my wreath, at the top.  If crochet isn’t for you, you could plait several strands of yarn together, or knit a couple of stitches back and forth until the piece is long enough.