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Cinnamon Tree Decorations

Make these rustic tree decorations out of cinnamon sticks and some pompoms and enjoy the wonderful scent of cinnamon wafting through your house.



Cinnamon sticks
Small pompoms
Embellishments of your choice
Glue or glue gun

1♥ Cut your cinnamon sticks into approximately two-inch pieces. My cinnamon sticks were 6 inches in length so I was able to get three pieces out of each stick. Glue the sticks into a triangle shape, holding each side firmly while the glue sets. Try to place the glue at the back of the stick so it’s not visible from the front.


2♥ Once the glue is set, you can add your embellishment. I’ve chosen a small gold ball with wire that I found in my local craft shop. I’ve wrapped the wire around the right-hand corner of the triangle, making sure the ball is nice and snug.


3♥ Next up, you add your tiny pompom to the right-hand corner, nestled to the right side of the embellishment. I used Clover’s smallest pompom maker to make a 1-inch pompom but you could use a fork if you don’t have a pompom maker. I glued the pompom in place for that extra bit of hold.


4♥ Cut your ribbon to the desired length. Test it beforehand by looping it through the top of your triangle and seeing how long you want it. Once cut you can either glue the two ends of the ribbon together or you might choose to knot them.


5♥ Hang your Cinnamon Tree Decorations on your tree, or even on a pretty branch in a vase. The added bonus of these rustic decorations is the wonderful scent of cinnamon that floats through the house!