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Christmas Wooden Peg People

There’s something about felt that just screams Christmas. Perhaps it’s because, as children, most of us will have used felt to make a Christmas decoration. 

Regardless of why, when you combine felt and wood that’s it – Christmas in a nutshell.  These lovely little peg people are easy enough to make and can either be left plain or decorated as ornately as you like.



The items you’re going to need are as follows:-

  • Wooden peg dolls.  Ours are wooden peg girl dolls with long skirts that measure 5.1cm tall. Find out more about them here.
  • Scrap bits of felt (you really won’t need much).
  • Scissors – for paper and material.
  • Fabric/strong glue (you could also use hot melt if you prefer).
  • Cocktail stick or bamboo skewer for applying the glue.
  • Pen/pencil or fabric marker.

You can use embroidery, sequins and beads to decorate the peg people

To make it easier we’ve made a template sheet for the Christmas Wooden Peg Dolls’ outfits.

Download it here

Once you’ve downloaded it, cut out all three shapes. If you’re planning on making a lot of the little festive characters, consider making more sturdy templates.


1♥  Using a pen, pencil or fabric marker, trace around the shapes onto your felt and cut them out.


2♥  Using a small amount of glue, attach the robe to the peg doll’s body.

I did this by running a line of glue from the top to the bottom of the peg doll’s body, wrapping the felt securely around and then running another line of glue down the body where the felt overlaps.

The ridge where the felt overlaps will be covered by the cape.

3♥  Run a small line of glue over the back of the peg doll where the felt robe met.  Roughly bring this line together with the centre back of the cape and stick together.

It often helps the felt to stick better if you hold the two pieces together for a couple of minutes.

4♥ Next, place a little drop of glue at the top of one corner of the cape and fold across. Repeat with the other side.


5♥  The hat is a little fiddly to make. You’re basically sticking one long side over the other.

Use your finger to help get the opening to the correct size.

6♥ Place a generous drop of glue towards the back of the peg doll’s head and stick the hat into place.


You can embellish the peg dolls’ outfits with embroidered snowflakes to increase their festive charm. You can also use acrylic paint to paint the peg people’s robes if you prefer.