Charity Knitting and Crochet Campaigns

Lora was fanatical about knitting for charity when she had the shop.  During her 10 years, she got involved or ran loads of different campaigns.  There were hats, scarves, blankets, baby blankets, Christmas Stockings, dog blankets, Shamrocks, mini hats, preemie hats, gloves, teddy bears and vests.  You name it, we knitted it, and not just us, Lora received donations to pass on from knitters and hookers from all around the world.

The majority of us who fibre craft will have a stash of yarn, full balls, half balls, ends and probably the odd hank or ball of something too precious to knit.  Now while we’re not expecting you to break out your favourites, we do know there are loads of you that get your hook or needles out and make for charity on a regular basis.

So we thought it might be helpful to keep information about the latest or ongoing charity knitting/crochet campaigns that we know of here for you to access yourselves or pass on.

If you know of a campaign, or would like us to spread the word, please get in touch via email to

Surgeon Noonan Society

Surgeon Noonan is a registered charity run voluntarily by 4th year medical students. Each year, the students raise funds, all of which goes directly towards underfunded rural hospitals in Africa.

This year they have launched a very unique campaign “Knit a bear for Africa” in collaboration with UCC Knitting society. This will see that every student that goes out to Africa will bring with them teddy bears which they will then give to the children that they meet and treat. A small token to children who have so little.

If you’d like to get involved with this campaign you can message Surgeon Noonan directly on Facebook or send them on email

Pop over to our blog post to find out more on Surgeon Noonan and you can download a simple knitted teddy bear pattern here.

Knitted Knockers Ireland

Thousands of women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer and have to undergo a mastectomy. Knitted Knockers is a wonderful movement of generosity and compassion that gives these women a viable alternative to silicone prosthesis.

If you’d like to find out more about this fantastic campaign and meet the people involved, we wrote a blog post in August 2016.

You can download the knitting pattern for C Cup Size Knitted Knockers here

The Knitted Knockers Ireland Facebook Page is here.